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Free app to make new Friends

Frencrew is the app that lets you make many new friends online, it is completely free and adfree allowing you to find a greater number of members and a broader and more active community.
Frencrew is designed to make friendship with girls and boys in your city and nearby, like-minded people with common interests who understand you, support you and have empathy with you.
You can chat directly with all members, women and men, furthermore public chatting is available, making it easy to communicate instantly, building and maintaining social relationships and staying in touch.
You decide whether you want to meet new people, look for friendships, online dating, or a serious relationship with singles opening up new opportunities.
Frencrew protects and supports its members and safeguards their privacy to provide a positive and safe experience.

Classifieds and greeting messages from recently signed up users:



Finding new friends online is normal for many people because we spend a lot of time using our mobile phones and computers for work and entertainment and many friendships have also moved to the online world. You can find friendships by chance, using online games, attending social networks or groups but you can also actively look for friends because it is nice to be able to have friendships especially with people with whom we have common interests, similar views on things and the world. Even better if they are people who live close to us both because perhaps we frequent the same places and know the same places but also because obviously there is the possibility if we want to see each other, hang out, do things together. Otherwise, if you wish, you can look for people further away, perhaps in a place that you know you will frequent in the future for some reason such as work or study or perhaps because you are planning to move and so it is an excellent idea to prepare for the move by starting to meet people from that place even if you haven't been there yet.

Meeting friends online is a fun activity because it is always interesting to meet new people who can bring us their new way of thinking and being, giving us a different, new point of view, letting us know things we didn't know and suggesting activities that could make us discover new things. interesting experiences. If we are lucky they could become friends with whom we can spend happy time, getting to know each other, supporting and helping each other, giving us opportunities that we didn't imagine and that a new person can know about. Having fun together makes life more beautiful and fuller because it is by meeting people that we can spend beautiful days that we will remember and it is even more beautiful when all this can be done in person because the other person lives near us or joins us, or we join her, so as to spend this free time together having fun somewhere. Because an online meeting can also become a meeting in the real world so as to make the friendship that has been created complete and which enriches us.

Chatting is a fun and relaxing activity when, for example, you have no other activities to do and you can dedicate yourself to a few chats on the internet, talking freely about everything, what you have done during the day, what you have to do, perhaps sharing information and asking for advice. People in chat like to talk about themselves much more than they are used to in person, which is why you can often get to know each other much more deeply and quickly than you would in person. When you enter public chats you can make new acquaintances or find people you already know, joking and writing funny things, while chatting directly with people the chat is more personal, no one else listens to us or takes the discussion elsewhere, so there 'there is plenty of time to talk about yourself, ask about the other person and listen to what they have to say, so lasting bonds are created and strengthened, important friendships that can last for years and become fundamental in our lives.

It's a good thing that an app is free because this will allow many more people to download it, sign up and use it, without there being financial problems, without many people being kept away by the fact that they have to pay. So free apps mean having a much larger and more varied community of registered users, more geographically distributed, with people of all ages and this is a great advantage when looking for people who are similar to us, with whom we share interests, passions, aspirations, hobbies. The convenience of a free app is also that of being able to try it without fear of having wasted your money, approaching its use in a more relaxed way, not having to check that you have made a good purchase but simply using it trying to make new acquaintances with people who they downloaded the same app. It is right that everyone can use the app and that there are no limitations that can only be overcome by paying, it is a fairer and freer use and it is more respectful of the members who are not blocked but rather are freely invited to actively participate in the community.